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Private Chef Service

Imagine the dream dinner without all the stress of shopping, days of prepping and questions of how in the world to cook enough for a crowd.


The Surefire Event Staffing Private Chef Service will take care of everything and impress your guests with a unique experience lead by one of our amazing private chefs! We can create a menu, to your specifications, buy the groceries, prepare the meal, set the table, serve the meal and clean up before we leave.


Ideally, our private chef service is for small groups of about 5-10 guests. Some suggestions for the service are: small formal dinners, back yard barbecues, tailgating, cooking demonstrations, meal prep or anything you can imagine.


All chefs that work with our private chef service are background checked and come to you with verifiable skill sets. Each chef is uniquely talented and eager to show off their talents to you and your guests.    


Call today for pricing and to book our private chef service!  

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