Tips for large-scale festival and event staffing

Is your event staff ready for action? When it comes to large-scale festivals and events, you need a team with the flexibility and know-how to take on unexpected challenges.

Surefire Event Staffing has a leadership group that is well versed in the challenges that large scale festivals, sporting events and concerts present.

Here are a few tips to get you through your first festival or large scale event:

Put security first. The safety of your guests is of paramount concern. Security concerns should always take first-priority. Keep in mind that it takes longer to do security checks than it does to scan tickets. Perform security searches before ticket scanning so there won’t be a backup between the two stations.

Have a rush strategy. When do you expect a “rush” of attendees? Plan for extra event staff to accommodate your peak traffic hours. Then, cut down lanes and staff as the day goes on to minimize your costs.

Create lots of small jobs. Let each staff member focus on accomplishing one key task quickly and efficiently. If you require “wearables” — such as bracelets, badges, lanyards, or hand stamps — separate ID distribution and scanning into adjacent stations. Wrist-banding can take twice as long as ticket scanning. To keep things moving, it’s best to have two employees working the wristband station per ticket scanner.

Have line barkers. Make entry as fast as possible by using line barkers. Position them at the beginning of entry to tell attendees to have tickets and IDs ready, prepare them for security search, and direct them into the correct lanes.

Watch for bottlenecks. Train your management and frontline team to keep an eye out for potential backups at each lane. When it looks like a bottleneck is about to form, add staff to the lines before it becomes a problem.

Allot time for breaks and shift changes. To keep your event staff happy and fresh, make sure you build in time for shift changes and breaks. Your security and scanning staff are sometimes the only event representatives your attendees will meet. An excellent entry experience is the first step in an excellent event experience.

Follow these steps, and you can craft a seamless event experience. That means more satisfied attendees—and less stress for your event staff on the big day.

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