Food Service Staffing

Public schools, private schools, universities and hospitals provide dining services on a day to day basis and often on large scale. Preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and a la carte offerings requires a large staff that is dedicated, hard working and experienced.

In a high-volume kitchen, the chef’s and kitchen managers depend on their line cooks, grill cooks, prep cooks, line servers and dish washers to be at work on time and ready to start their duties each day. When an employee doesn’t show up, it can throw production for a loop. When cooking for a large facility, there is no option to be late with service or to not be fully prepared for each food service request.

When there is so much to do each day to ensure that each service goes off without a hitch, where do kitchen managers go when an employee doesn’t show up to their scheduled shift or is running late for an important task?

Savvy kitchen managers build relationships with staffing companies that specialize in food service staffing. A company experienced in food service staffing will have a stable of experienced food service employees ready to go during peak times. These employees can be requested easily by phone or a quick email.

The best food service staffing companies are easy to get on the phone, easy to communicate with and have a can-do attitude. When looking for a new food service staffing company, always ask for references and never hesitate to ask questions.

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