Follow Up Is Key

Follow up, follow up, then follow up again just to make sure is the mantra of any good recruiter working in the event staffing, hospitality staffing and food service staffing industries.

At Surefire Event Staffing, we have learned from experience that even the best, most experienced bartender or banquet server will no call no show for a shift. There are an infinite number of reasons this might happen: a better paying opportunity, too much fun the night before or a last-minute illness or injury.

To eliminate no call no shows to the greatest amount possible, we have come up with a process that we use on each job we are hired to staff.

First, we send out a mass text with all the details for the job we are trying to staff. The text asks anyone interested to contact the office to confirm the shift and to go over the details of the job, such as: location, uniform and report time. Once we have the candidate confirmed, we add them to a roster for the event. We then reconfirm the shift the day of the event with each employee scheduled. If they don’t answer the phone or get back with us in a timely manner, we simply cancel the candidate and replace them with an employee that is confirmed and ready to go.

Finally, we have a member of management on site at each event to ensure that each employee signs the time sheet and is introduced to the on-site management at the venue we are working with. If there are any bumps in the process, a Surefire Event Staffing manager will always be present to help resolve the issue.

At Surefire Event Staffing, we follow up, follow up, then follow up again to make sure that our clients are always covered!

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