Event Staffing for Hotels

Are you a hotel general manager or food and beverage manager? Do you struggle with staffing during the peak of event season? Do you have too much staff during the slow part of the year? Do you have trouble controlling overtime expenses?

Working with a staffing company that specializes in hospitality and event staffing is a good way to help maintain a pipeline of high-quality banquet servers, bartenders or cooks when it is busy. Conversely, that same pipeline is useful during slow periods when full time staff needs to be cut down.

Large events occur during non-peak periods and a strong event staffing company will always have experienced hospitality staff ready to help your hotel put its best foot forward with kind, courteous, hard-working staff.

The added benefit of working with a staffing company that specializes is hospitality and event staffing is that you can control your overtime expenses without having to bring new staff onto your permanent payroll. If you are set up for a busy week, order a few temps to ensure that no one must work more than 40 hours.

With a strong staffing partner, you can add to your staff without any drop off in quality.

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