Hospitality Staffing for Hotels and Resorts

Surefire Event Staffing is a one stop shop for Hospitality Staffing. We work with hotels, resorts and private clubs to provide experienced service staff that can hit the ground running on day one and that will represent your brand by providing world class customer service.

At Surefire Event Staffing, we do nothing but source hospitality staff. We specialize in hospitality and event staffing. That means we won’t be looking for a ditch digger one minute and your five-star banquet server the next. We interview potential employees 5 days a week, eight hours per day. We are constantly on the lookout for fresh talent. This commitment to sourcing allows us to accept nothing but the best.

Here is what we look for when sourcing top level hospitality staff:

Must have verifiable experience.

The most dependable predictor of a potential employee’s performance is what they have done in the past. This might sound obvious. It is. But most staffing firms fail to call on references. Speaking to a potential employee’s former employer is a crucial piece of our evaluation process. Determining why they left previous jobs and learning their strengths and weaknesses is the only way to determine what we have to work with.

Attitude is everything.

It should go without saying, but attitude is everything for anyone wanting to work in the hospitality field. When sourcing hospitality staff, attitude is the single most important aspect that we look for in an interview. Regardless of experience level, we want people with a positive, can-do attitude. We avoid prima donna bartenders or people that are unwilling to jump in and help in areas that are outside of their primary responsibilities. Work in hospitality is a group activity.

Skills are tested.

In an interview, everyone is the best bartender or can carry the heaviest trays. At Surefire Event Staffing, we test those skill sets. Are you the best bartender? Great! Walk me through how to make a Margarita. You can carry heavy trays? Great! We have a tray setup in our training area. Let’s see if you can carry these heavy trays and get through our obstacle course without dropping anything. Before we send anyone to you, we make sure they can do what they say they can do. There are no surprises with the hospitality staff that you get from Surefire Event Staffing.

Surefire Event Staffing is ready to bring its expertise in hospitality staffing to your organization. Call us anytime to set up a terms of service agreement so we can provide you with the best hospitality professionals available in the San Antonio and Austin markets.

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