Hospitality Staffing for Assisted Living Facilities

Staffing companies that specialize in hospitality staffing are good matches for assisted living facilities. Hospitality staffing companies have experience sourcing front of house staff (banquet servers, line servers, bussers, bartenders), back of house staff (line cooks, prep cooks, dishwashers), housekeeping staff and maintenance staff.

Assisted living facilities benefit from working with a hospitality staffing company in a few ways:

Fully Certified Staff

Assisted living facilities are subject to state and federal laws that ensure the highest quality of care for those living in these facilities. To ensure that the best staff is provided, Surefire Event Staffing requires that each employee has a valid TABC and Food Handler Certification. Each employee carries a copy of each certification and they are trained to present these certifications upon request.

Background Checks

Assisted living facilities are safe environments. People live there and want to feel safe and it is the responsibility of the facility to ensure every residents safety. Surefire Event Staffing takes its responsibility to provide a safe work environment seriously. We do a full background check on every employee we send to your facility and automatically follow up every six months with an updated background check.

Disinfecting Best Practices

The housekeeping staff that Surefire Event Staffing send to your facility are second to none. They come to your facility fully trained and ready to work. More importantly, they are specifically trained on disinfecting best practices. Cleanliness is paramount in assisted living facilities. The hospitality professionals at Surefire Event Staffing ensure that the residents of your facility are offered a clean, disinfected environment to live in.

Last Minute Staff

Surefire Event Staffing has an experienced, trained group ready to work at a moment’s notice. You aren’t always able to plan for call outs, sick days or a last-minute need for additional staff. Once we have a terms of service agreement on file, all you need to do is call, email or text to request staff. We thrive on last minute needs. Send in your order and Surefire Event Staffing will get you covered.

Partnering with a hospitality company like Surefire Event Staffing will pay off anytime your staffing plan doesn’t go as planned. We are ready with people that will come ready to work and will represent your facility in the best way, each and every shift.

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