How to Select an Event Staffing Company

When catering companies, hotels and social clubs put on events, they often rely on staffing firms to provide the staff to serve their guests. These guests spend large amounts of money to ensure that each event goes on flawlessly. A skilled staff can make an average event impressive and unforgettable.

Since the success of an event can often hinge on the quality of the service staff, here are a few tips to use when selecting an event staffing company.

1. Staffing is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Most staffing firms are generalists. They will book ditch diggers one minute, then your five star banquet server the next. With so many staffing firms to choose from, why not pick one that specializes in event staffing? A staffing company that specializes solely in event staffing will always find and train the best banquet servers, bartenders, cooks and dish washers.

2. Always ask for references. The best event staffing firms will always come to a sales call with references. Anyone can walk into a meeting with promises of great customer service and the best, most highly trained people. But, when the success or failure of your event is on the line, trust the word and experience of your peers.

3. An event staffing company must have a highly trained staff to offer the highest levels of service. Always ask if all of their employees are tray trained and hold food handlers and TABC certifications. In addition, ask if there is any ongoing or continuing training offered to their employees.

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